Trinity Bay, Queensland

Trinity Bay, Queensland 4805

The Daintree Rainforest is unique in that it is one of the only rainforests in the world that gently slopes into the ocean. Trinity Bay marks one of the key spots where this happens, rolling out in a paradise show of pristine white sands and shimmering blue waters.

Trinity Bay Beach

Situated just a stone’s throw from the Great Barrier Reef, the water surrounding the bay is home to a colourful selection of marine life and fascinating corals. It sits at the end of the Mossman River, marking the point where the cascading water trickles into the sea. This unique set of natural features provides the bay with some incredible views. For many years the Mulgrave River also emptied into the Bay, but geological changes in the landscape meant the mouth started to form further south.

Many visitors choose to stop off at Trinity Bay when they’re exploring Queensland, exploring its beach and many landmarks that surround it. It offers a break from the forest scenery and provides the perfect backdrop to relax and soak up the sun against.

As well as unique scenery and beautiful wildlife, the bay also boasts a fascinating history. It got its name from Trinity Sunday, a Christian Holy Day, which was given to it by James Cook back in the late 18th century.

While most of the Bay is made up of glorious sands and shallow waters, to the southern end it merges into the city of Cairns, but not before it has passed through lush mangrove forests that are well protected by Cape Grafton. It is at Trinity Bay that Cairns seaport operates, sending out fishermen and ferries every day.

What to Do Around Trinity Bay

Trinity Bay, Queensland

The stunning scenery of Trinity Bay lends itself perfectly to a range of fun activities, whether you want to simply kick back and relax or do something a bit more adventurous.

  • Soak Up the Sun

    The palm-lined shores of the bay are ideal for a spot of sunbathing. On the pristine sands, you can relax, soak up the warm Australian sun, and take a dip in the sparkling shallows.

  • Do Some Watersports

    The close proximity to one of the world’s most famous water spots, the Great Barrier Reef, means Trinity Bay is ideal for water lovers and those keen to explore the marine life. Scuba diving and snorkelling are popular activities here, where you can get up close and personal with some of the region’s most mesmerising sea creatures, while kayaking offers a more leisurely way to explore the coastline.

  • Take a Walk

    All around the coast, there are plenty of walking trails that you can pick up to discover beautiful views and hidden spots. As you go, keep your eyes peeled for vantage points that offer breath-taking views of the shoreline and beyond.

Trinity Bay is situated in a place that makes it easy to explore both the rainforest and the ocean views that characterise this part of Australia.

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