Are there crocodiles in the Mossman Gorge?

Are there crocodiles in the Mossman Gorge?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/18/2022

Reading time: 2 mins

The Daintree Rainforest is one of Australia’s most spellbindingly beautiful natural wonderlands. With its abundant wildlife, flowing rivers, lush forest canopy and sublime beaches, the Daintree is an Aussie travel rite of passage and a place that those visiting Far North Queensland shouldn’t dream of overlooking!

One of the most impressive Daintree regions is that of the Mossman Gorge, known as “the gateway to the Daintree”. The gorge is replete with beautiful waterways, enchanting trails and fascinating Indigenous history, having been the home of the Kuku Yalanji people for around 4,000 years.

You might be happy to know that the Mossman Gorge is also safe from crocodiles, as the clear, rapid-flowing waters don’t attract those prehistoric predators!

Just be sure to swim in the designated areas, like the sheltered swimming hole, as swimming in the likes of the Mossman River can be incredibly dangerous!

The Mossman Gorge is just one of the incredible experiences that awaits you in the sublime Daintree Rainforest, alongside these unforgettable adventures:

Cape Tribulation

It seems perfectly natural that one of the world’s most beautiful rainforests should have one of the world’s most beautiful beaches adjoined to it – and so here we are!

Incredible Cape Tribulation is everything you’d expect in a FNQ beach: it’s dreamy, it’s hazy, it’s got pearl-white sand and turquoise-blue waters.

And, hey, if that’s all a bit of a cliche, who really cares? The beach is simply sublime, and makes for the perfect place to relax and cool off after a day’s rainforest exploring…

The Marrdja Boardwalk

A rainforest like the Daintree is going to be no stranger to mesmerising boardwalks, but none truly encapsulate its impressive beauty and unique geology like the Marrdja Boardwalk.

This beguiling boardwalk has intertwining fig trees and flowing streams in abundance. It is the ideal place to walk in peace, listening to the sounds of trickling streams and forest wildlife as you meander along at an easy pace.

Rex Lookout

Situated on the drive up to the Daintree from Cairns, Rex Lookout is one of the truly awe-inspiring views you will experience in the whole of sunny North Queensland.

Taking in a sweeping coastal expanse, you can gaze endless upon the glistening Coral Sea and the towering peaks beyond, before continuing your journey north to the unforgettable Daintree Rainforest…

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