Cape Trib Beach House

On the 2 day Daintree Tour you will walk in some of the world’s oldest footprints as you pass beneath timeless green canopies, ancient gorges and step upon pristine white sands. The Daintree area is truly a reminder of the beauty and power of the natural world and an idyllic place teeming with wildlife, sound and colour. Those visitors who want to linger in the magical essence of the rainforest can opt for a 2 day adventure and a night at the Cape Trib Beach House.

The beach house is spread out over seven acres of land and promises visitors the best of both worlds. As well as easy access to the beach for relaxation, there are a number of adrenalin-pumping adventures to enjoy too, like snorkelling, horse riding, and hiking.

Surrounding the beach house, there are plenty of ancient plant species to discover, as well as a range of native Australian animals to keep an eye out for and a fascinating history to boot.

In the evenings, the Cape Tribulation Beach House hosts a bonfire to encourage guests to gather round, share stories, and make friends.

Cape Tribulation Beach House

What to Expect at the Cape Tribulation Beach House

As a rural retreat, the beach house has everything you could want and more. There are a selection of different types of accommodation to choose from to suit all kinds of travellers, and there are a great range of facilities to enjoy, including TV, limited internet coverage, and a collection of tours that can be taken from reception.

Outside, there is a saltwater pool to kick back and relax in, as well as an on-site bar and restaurant that serves all your food and drink needs.

Types of Accommodation at the Cape Tribulation Beach House

The Cape Tribulation Beach House offers two main types of accommodation depending on the kind of experience you are after and your budget.

Firstly, there is a range of deluxe bungalows equipped with ensuites, fridges, and a selection of different bed sizes depending on who you’re travelling with.

Each cabin is quietly nestled amongst the vibrant greenery of the rainforest, giving guests easy access to the surrounding natural beauty. Imagine waking up to spectacular scenes of the jungle around you and walking just seconds to the stunning expanse of the beach.

For those travelling on more of a budget, there are a number of on-site dorm rooms that give you the chance to get to know your fellow travellers. The dorms come equipped with hot showers, a guest kitchen, and laundry facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Between the Forest and the Sea

Nestled in the heart of the rich green rainforest and only a few steps away from a secluded beach, this is the ideal location for immersing yourself in the splendour of the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. Imagine waking up to the sweet song of the tropical birds, running down to the sun glazed waters before you have rubbed the sleep from your eyes and sleeping soundly in the heart of nature.

Cozy, Comfortable Cabins

Guests can select to stay in stand-alone private cabins or can choose family rooms for convenience and cost. Those who are looking for a simple say without the fuss can also choose to stay in a dorm room with other visitors. All rooms are cozy and comfortable boasting soft beds, balconies and tea and coffee making facilities for that sun rise cup in the calming oasis of Cape Trib. On hot afternoons after exploring the acres of rainforest around you, head back to the palm covered lagoon like pool at the Cape Trib Beach House for a cool dip or a sweet siesta on the wooden decking.

Cocktails and Modern Cuisine

Those who don’t want to cook up a storm in the communal kitchen can choose to visit one of the nearby restaurants or dine in style at the open air Sandbar Restaurant. Modern cuisine is the name of the game and with an all-encompassing menu you are sure to find something divine to satiate your appetite. When the sun starts to sink, order up a bottle of Australian wine or op for a cheeky cocktail to toast the star riddled sky.

Run Riot or Relax

Whether you want to run riot in the rainforest or to simply sit back and relax, Cape Trib Beach House can meet your every need. You can ride horses across the secluded sands, rent bikes and explore the forest and even tackle the rolling waves with a spot of surfing. Those seeking rest and respite in the rainforest can wine, dine and laze beside the pool to their hearts content.

Enjoy an overnight stay at the Cape Trib Beach House on our 2 Day Cape Tribulation Tour.

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