Cassowary in the Daintree Rainforest

Cassowary may be one of the most unique and interesting birds found in Australia. These flightless big birds can be live in Queensland, and are on the verge of becoming endangered. If you find yourself in the rainforest and able to see one of these incredible birds, watch out. Adult Cassowaries can be measured up to 1.8 metres tall! The Southern Cassowary found in Australia is in the same bird family as the emu, ostrich, and the neighbouring Kiwi bird in New Zealand.

The Cassowary are considered the guardians of the rainforest, as they disperse certain seeds throughout the forest, keeping over 150 types of plants and trees alive! These amazing birds can live up to 30 and even 40 years old, living in solitude majority of their life. The only time they come together is during mating season.

You can find the Cassowary birds in the Daintree Rainforest in the far north tropical region of Queensland. These shy birds stay away from humans unless they feel threatened. Male Cassowaries can be quite aggressive cassowary-attack-2 towards outside visitors, especially when they are protecting their eggs. That’s right! The male bird takes care of the female’s eggs after she gives birth. They sit on the eggs for 50 days until they hatch. It is then the male’s responsibility to train the young chicks how to hunt and eat for themselves for about nine months. After nine months, the little guys are on their own.

The Daintree is a popular tourist and local destination, with hiking trails into the dense forest, and out to incredible coastal views. Many venture out to this rainforest in hopes to have a glimpse of a Cassowary. The most unique characteristic of these birds are their physical attributes. They may be big like an ostrich, but they are much more distinct looking. They have a black-haired round body with long legs, and a beautiful multicoloured neck made of deep blue, purple, and red. On top of their head is a big crest, used for digging and cassowary in the daintree pushing through bush to find food. These birds feed on mainly fruit, but will eat earthworms and other living creatures on the ground.

With it’s vulnerability being close to the ocean, the rainforest is slowly becoming smaller and smaller. As the Cassowary is a very integral part to keeping many plants and fruits alive in the forest, it is imperative to keep the rainforest from dwindling. These incredible creatures are part of a unique ecosystem in Australia that may not be around much longer. It’s a great idea to visit this beautiful area of the country and see why others are working hard to keep these birds alive.

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