Daintree Rainforest – Trinity Bay

Trinity Bay might just be the picture of paradise. Sprawling out in a semi-circle shape and painted with soft, golden sands, it could easily have stepped out of a storybook. The shores slope gently down into crystal clear waters that are filled with fascinating marine life and colourful underwater species.

Located in northern Queensland, the Bay is particularly close to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s best-loved natural phenomena. Sharing the same waters as this incredible feat of nature means the Bay hosts a collection of fascinating sea life, from colourful corals and underwater plants, to native sea creatures in all shapes and sizes.

The Bay marks the end of the Mossman River, which trickles into the sea, giving the beach a unique set of scenery. For many years the Mulgrave River also emptied into the Bay, but geological changes in the landscape meant the mouth started to form further south.

Today, the beach is a popular stop-off point for visitors exploring Queensland and all its natural attractions. Located close to the exceptional Daintree Rainforest, which is filled with lush trees, stunning walks, and an eclectic selection of wildlife, the beach forms one of the many amazing natural landmarks in this region. For many, it offers a break from the forest scenery, and a chance to kick back and relax in the warm Australian sun.

Trinity Bay got its name from Trinity Sunday, a Christian Holy day. It was named this by James Cook in 1770, and has since remained an important coastal part of Australia.

While most of the Bay is made up of glorious sands and shallow waters, to the southern end it merges into the city of Cairns, but not before it has passed through lush mangrove forests that are well protected by Cape Grafton. It is at Trinity Bay that Cairns seaport operates, sending out fishermen and ferries every day.

Things to do around Trinity Bay

Despite its laidback nature and paradise island backdrop, there is plenty to do in Trinity Bay for all members of the family.


With its lush sands and palm-lined shores, Trinity Bay is the ideal spot to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun. The shallow waves are perfect for dipping your feet in to cool off, while the sprawling sands lend themselves to lazy naps and fruity cocktails.


Being so close to the Great Barrier Reef means Trinity Bay is perfect for water lovers. As well as scuba diving and snorkelling amongst all the incredible marine life, there are opportunities to go kayaking, too.

Coastal walks

There are plenty of coastal walks around Trinity Bay that offer incredible views over the shoreline and beyond.

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