Discover the Mystery of the Mossman Gorge

Daintree Rainforest tours can show you the unique splendour and mystery of the majestic Mossman Gorge. After spending the day hiking through the canopied wonder of the Daintree Rainforest, discovering the beauty of Cape Tribulation and watching the rolling surf crash against the bay, finish your sojourn into Australia’s wilderness with a visit to the Mossman Gorge.

Unravel the Enigma

Swathed in a rich cultural heritage the Mossman Gorge is more than a scenic spot to hike and watch wildlife, with Daintree Rainforest Tours you can unravel the enigma as you listen to your guide unspool the stories of the native fairy tales and dream time tales and meander through the lush trails that cut and weave through the canopy. The cascading waters that spill into the soft lagoon surrounded by smooth granite boulders can be the perfect place to swim after a long day of hiking the jewel dripping rainforests. With pristine waters and the cry of wild birds overhead you will feel as though you have found Eden on Earth in the virginal beauty of the Mossman Gorge.

Visit Sacred Ceremonial Sites

The dream time walks are the best way to discover the ancient secrets of the gorge, not only will you hear the mythical tales come to life but you can also visit sacred ceremonial sites, drink bush tea and damper and watch demonstrations of how the gifts of the forest can be used for medicinal treatments, soaps, painting and food.

A Tapestry of Flora and Fauna

With thousands of exotic plant species spilling their scent into the lush shade of the Mossman Gorge nature lovers will fall in love with the sounds and scents of the world heritage rainforest. From towering fan palms to rich Atherton oak, fascinating strangler figs and bright plumed butterflies flitting through the channels of sunlight, this is nature in her finest dress. Daintree Rainforest Tours through the Mossman Gorge can show you dusky honeyeaters chirping in the trees, platypus splashing in the shallows, and eastern water dragons sunning themselves on the rocks. In this wonderful and wild environment you can witness the magic of the reef meeting the rainforest and admire the spectacular sights it creates.

Touch Upon True Beauty

The Mossman Gorge is a must experience for visitors who want to understand, feel, touch and breathe in the true beauty of the rainforest. Daintree Rainforest Tours blends cultural exploration with a rare glimpse into the flourishing heart of nature and the winding roots of the Kuku Yalanji People.

To discover Mossman Gorge, book our Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour with Mossman Gorge.

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