Do you have to catch a ferry to Cape Tribulation?

Cape Tribulation – as part of the greater Daintree Rainforest – is one of Australia’s most sublimely breathtaking locations.

This stunning stretch of shoreline perfectly encapsulates the dreamy beauty of tropical North Queensland, its turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and vibrant jungles!

Not only is Cape Tribulation one of the most stunning beaches to chill out upon, there are also plenty of uber fun activities that take place along the shoreline including horseback rides, boardwalks, waterholes and – naturally – scuba diving!

To get to the Cape Tribulation region, you have to hop aboard the Daintree River ferry, which grants you access to Cape Tribulation and its wonders. The ferry runs throughout the day and is able to take vehicles including 4WDs and buses.

Once you are across at Cape Tribulation the magic awaits, so be sure to enjoy these wonderful experiences once you arrive at gorgeous Cape Tribulation:

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef

What makes diving at Cape Tribulation so fabulous is the amazingly close proximity of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef to the shoreline. There are a number of fantastic tours you can join that allow you to explore the vibrant tropical reef on the perfect half-day tour!

You will be whisked away to the Mackay and Undine reefs, where you will have plenty of time to explore the incredible wonders that await you under the water…

Horseback riding

This is truly one of the best ways to experience the World Heritage rainforest and beachfront. Riding on horseback, you will be taken through lush jungle, across ravines and onto the beachfront (where the horses sometimes like to get in the ocean and have a cheeky dip themselves!).

This is a truly memorable Cape Tribulation experience and one that you can’t pass up if you want to see the area for all its immaculate beauty.

Alexandra Lookout

On the way up to Cape Tribulation is the most impressive Alexandra Lookout, one of the most majestic beach views you can get in the whole of Oz! The expansive views are dramatically picturesque and truly worth the stop on the way to the beach.

Just relax on the beach

After all, Cape Tribulation is easily one of Australia’s most hazily gorgeous shorelines, and at the end of the day what else is there to do besides kick back, relax and enjoy the unbridled beauty that surrounds you on this most magnificent stretch of coastline?