Is the Daintree Discovery Centre free?

Is the Daintree Discovery Centre free?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/28/2022

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The Daintree is a national treasure and one of Queensland’s most popular locations. Far removed from the city lights, a day in the Daintree is a chance to reconnect with nature. Lush greenery, swimming holes and waterfalls await. Learn about the significance of the Daintree to Indigenous cultures. Spot wildlife – both dangerous and friendly.

Learn everything there is to know about the abundant biodiversity of the world’s oldest rainforest at The Daintree Discovery Centre.

The Discovery Centre is an interactive and immersive experience. Located 2 hours from Cairns, the centre allows you to experience every part of the impressive Daintree rainforest. From the forest floor to the canopies – this is a brilliant activity for the entire family.

Admission costs at the Daintree Discovery Centre

The centre is not free to visit. As of 2022, it will cost $37.00 for adults and $18.00 for kids. There are family deals available. The costs ensure the maintenance of the centre, and when you realise what you get to do here you’ll likely agree it’s well worth it!

Your entry fee includes:

  • Access to the Canopy Tower
  • Access to all forest boardwalks
  • Walk through the Cassowary Corridor
  • Take part in a self-guided tour
  • Audio guides available in 8 languages
  • Interactive guidebook to keep
  • Aerial walkways high above the forest floor

The centre is open every day excluding Christmas, from 8.30-5pm. You can visit any time of the year – it’s a great activity for a rainy day if you’re in Tropical Queensland during the wet season.

And the best part? You can visit as many times as you like over the next week! Your ticket gives you access for 7 days from purchase.

Walk amongst the canopies

As stated, you can take a self-guided walk through the forest, with handheld audio guides to assist and educate. Go at your own pace and learn as you go. The self-guided tour and audio guides are included in admission – so be sure to take advantage of this incredible option.

When you’re ready to reach new heights head to the Canopy Tower. Sitting at a huge 23 metres high, you can look out to the forest from 5 different viewpoints. The real crowd-pleaser is the top of the tower, where you can look out beyond the highest treetops of the Daintree.

Take part in a skywalk – one of the best in Australia – 11m above ground through middle level rainforest and over creeks. If heights aren’t for you, you can walk a little closer to ground on the many boardwalks that service the area.

The Daintree Discovery Centre has been built in the most sustainable way possible. Meaning you can explore the forest safely, without disturbing the natural flora and fauna you see here.

Daintree wildlife encounters

Home to a rich ecosystem, there are many animals that call the Daintree home. When you’re at the Discovery Centre you’re likely to see a lot of them. The centre runs directly through ‘Cassowary Corridor’, so a sighting of the magnificent blue birds is possible.

If you don’t spot them while you’re out on your walk, you’ll see them in the Interpretive Display Centre.

This centre is full of kiosks and enclosures, with easy to follow information boards. Covering off everything that lives in the Daintree from cassowaries and crocodiles to butterflies and treefrogs. There’s information on climate change and the functions of the rainforest.

So, whilst the Daintree Discovery Centre is not free, it is a fabulous and informative day out that the whole family will love.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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