Meandering the Marrdja Boardwalk

Daintree tours never fail to delight and inspire nature lovers time and time again. Explore the treasures hidden beneath the thick canopied trees, breathe in the scent of exotic flowers in bloom, hear the cries of wild birds beating their wings above and discover exactly what makes the Daintree Rainforest so special.

Mangroves, Mist and Streams

The Daintree forest and the entirety of Cape Tribulation boast many stupendous boardwalks through the trees but the Marrdja has to be the best. Meandering down the Marrdja boardwalk takes you into another world where the lush vegetation keeps changing and evolving and the richness of the earth and the forest echoes with life. The tangle of figs trees embracing each other, the gentle music of the bright streams spilling over rocks and the mangrove forests entwining with the dewy fresh rainforest makes for an incredible sojourn.

Where Dinosaurs Once Walked Marrdja Boardwalk tree

The Marrdja boardwalk doesn’t only span for a kilometre, it spans for millions upon millions of years. There are spikes, plants and species that date back to the Jurassic period meaning that perhaps this was a place where dinosaurs once walked. The ease on which the track has been laid out ensures that everyone can enjoy a ramble through the dark heart of the jungle. The path loops and winds and finishes with beautiful views over the picturesque colours and charm of Noah Creek.

Rare and Elusive Sights

If you listen carefully you may hear the infamous Australian Brush Turkeys pecking around the forest floor, you can catch sight of the rare and often elusive Little Kingfisher and you can often hear the rising crescendo of the Wompoo Fruit Dove. Bird watchers will adore taking the time to explore the Marrdja boardwalk as will those who have a vetted interest in the botanical side of life. The wealth of flora and fauna that span back for as far as 400 million years make the Marrdja one of the most exciting and evocative places to visit during your Daintree Tours.

Short and Simple Explorations

Don’t let the wet weather put you off as during the rainy season this is when the Daintree and the Marrdja boardwalk truly springs to life. During the downpours the earth becomes richer, the flowers more fragrant, the mist in the trees thicker and all the animals come out to play. The short and simple opportunity offered by the Marrdja boardwalk ensures that exploring off the beaten track and discovering the breath-taking beauty of the rainforest has never been easier.

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