Take a Daintree Rainforest Night Tour!

Take a Daintree Rainforest Night Tour!

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/15/2019

Reading time: 3 mins

Embody David Attenborough for the evening on this fantastic night tour experience!

The Daintree Rainforest is a thing of beauty, but have you ever wondered what it might be like at night? Forget dazzling rays of sunshine filtering through the canopy, we’re thinking more along the lines of flashlights shining on the wildest bugs Australia has on offer.

There’s something unique about the rainforest and its ability to foster weird and wonderful animals, insects and bugs. Everything seems to be bigger, better, and scarier there, especially when you’re looking for them in the dark!

After a day exploring the beautiful Daintree return to your accommodation for some food and a rest before heading out on a two-hour guided night walk. Following your guides lead you’ll discover creatures of the night such as insects, sleeping birds, forest dragons, bandicoots, bats, spiders and snakes.

Night Walks

Grab your flashlight and guide, and head out into the forest again. Follow the natural walking trails to meet the animals that call this forest home. With relatively little human impact on the forest, the wildlife that calls the area home continues to thrive. The Daintree has become rich with flora and fauna for you to explore.

With nothing but natural paths to follow and an encyclopaedic guide each night tour is unique, plus with no bait, cages or captive animals used in the tour, you never know what you might see! Look for lizards and dragons, camouflaging beautifully against the peeling tree bark. Tree frogs perch precariously in the foliage. Snakes wrap around branches looking for the next meal and spiders emerge from their daytime hiding spots.

The darkness enhances your senses as you wander through the forest. Darkness brings out new sounds, sights and smells to the forest. Listen to the crackling of insects and the croaking of frogs. A soft rustle above you gives away a possum in the canopy above and faint chittering warns you of a colony of bats to be spotted ahead.

If that wasn’t enough to excite you, the Daintree has a very high diversity of rainforest insects, including species that you wont be able to find anywhere else in the world! Look out for moths the size of your hand, insects with three-inch-long antenna, and vividly coloured spiders.

Your small group size means you’ll not be struggling to see smaller creatures behind a large wall of people. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask your guides any questions. You’ll be an expert on the Daintree by the time you get back to your room.

A night tour of the Daintree Rainforest is a fantastic way to see the forest in a whole new light, literally. Enhance your visit to Daintree by giving yourself the chance to see as much of Australia’s crazy wildlife as possible!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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