Why You Should Visit Mossman Gorge

The Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, playing host to a number of ancient natural monuments and weather-carved landmarks. The Mossman Gorge sits in the centre of the forest, less than 100km from the busy city streets of Cairns.

Around the gorge, a haven of lush wildlife and natural scenery makes it a great spot to learn more about this kind of ecosystem while trying out some adventurous pursuits.

The Mossman River flows over granite boulders that pepper the gorge, creating a unique and often surreal landscape that weaves through the middle of the forest. Along the river, there are a number of relaxing swimming spots created by the dips in the gorge landscape and several hiking trails that flank the water’s edge.

The Collection of Bushwalks

The landscape around Mossman Gorge boasts a rich and lengthy Aboriginal heritage. Now home to the Kuku Yalanji people, it is well-preserved and retains many of its centuries-old traditions and stories. Visitors have the chance to take a guided bushwalk by members of the local tribe, who impart knowledge and stories as they go. You’ll get to experience some of the prettiest scenery in the forest and watch traditional dance performances and rituals, too.

The Swimming Spots

The pools created by the meandering river make for perfect swimming spots. Set amongst the breath-taking scenery of the gorge, the refreshing waters are great for cooling off in after exploring the surrounding landscape. There are a number of secluded spots that let you escape far away from city life.

The Amazing Selection of Birds

The population of birds in the Daintree Forest is mesmerising. There are a huge number of species in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, and there are plenty of native species to spot, too. Keep your eyes peeled for native non-bird species as well.

The Perfect Picnic Spot

Mossman Gorge is a beautiful place, and its surroundings play host to a number of potential picnic spots. Cast down your blanket in the shade of the nearby trees and soak up the peace and quiet that imbues the area for miles in every direction. From your chosen location, you can admire the silhouettes of the faraway mountains while you tuck into your lunch.

Spending time at the Mossman Gorge not only gives you the chance to experience some of Australia’s oldest and most breath-taking scenery, but it also gives you the chance to dive into the rich Aboriginal history that heavily marks this part of the country.

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