Which is the Best Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tour?

Which is the Best Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tour?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/29/2019

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Looking for a tropical holiday with a blend of beach, rainforest, and reef? Look no further than to our Cape Tribulation and Daintree tours! Promising unforgettable experiences and unique sites only found in this one region of Australia.

Even if you’ve chosen Cape Tribulation as your holiday destination, we have a number of tours all going to this one place. This makes it a lot harder to choose the right one, with the many similar tours confusing you. Therefore, we are here to simplify it! Detailing the different inclusions, experiences, and sites for each tour we offer.

  • 1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour with Mossman Gorge

    1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour with Mossman Gorge

    Adult: $145
    Children (2-12): $129

    1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour with Mossman Gorge operates daily, taking the group on a 24-seater bus throughout the lush greenery.

    Departing a 7am, the bus picks guests up at Cairns, Northern Beaches, and Port Douglas hotels, as well as dropping them back off approximately 7:00pm. The tour will visit the thick rainforest of Daintree, the stunning beach land of Cape Tribulation, and the stunning swimming spot of Mossman Gorge. Guests will enjoy marvelling at the wildlife from the complimentary river cruise, as well as discover the secrets of the land from the professional staff guiding them by the natural wonders. Afternoon tea is included, but guests must pay an additional cost if they would like lunch provided for them.

    Please note that swimming isn’t allowed between November until April due to the dangers of jellyfish and stingrays. Families will love this one day trek around the tropical wonderland, as it is a family orientated day tour.

  • 1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tour with Port Douglas

    1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tour with Port Douglas

    Adult: $159
    Children (5-12): $149

    This 21-seater bus begins picking up its guests from Cairns and the Northern Beaches at approximately 7:00 am.

    Morning tea is provided, giving guests a boost of adrenaline before they enjoy their jam-packed day of fun. The trip will travel to Port Douglas, where guests can enjoy a relaxing dip in the golden sand beach of Port Douglas. Next, the inclusive crocodile tour will take place, where the tour can float down the muddy river that is inhabited by the largest reptiles to walk the earth; the saltwater crocodiles! Lunch is provided at PK’s Jungle Village, with dietary requirements catered for if requested prior.

    Those travellers who are looking for an adventurous and backpacker friendly tour, look no further for this young orientated journey!

  • 2 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

    2 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

    Adult: $269
    Children (5-12): $269

    Instead of spending mere hours in the lush environment, why not spend the night?

    This tour operates Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, allowing guests can immerse themselves into the tropical world, experiencing both day and night! Starting off at 7:00am sharp, the 21-seater-bus will pick the tour guests up from their hotels and delivered them to a world where the rainforest meets the reef. Lunch and Dinner are provided on the first day’s tour, with only Breakfast included the following day. The Tour is jam-packed with activities, the daytime adventures including a Daintree River Crocodile Cruise and guided treks through the Daintree National Park. Plus, you can choose to book upgrade activities at PK’s jungle village. Once the sun sets, the tour will set off for the night walk through the rainforest. You’ll see sites and wildlife that you would never see in the daylight.

    If travellers don’t mind the early mornings, they can also rise before the sun and watch the glowing light emerge across the ocean’s horizon in the soft sands of Cape Tribulation.

  • Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour Overnight

    Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour Overnight

    Adult: $194
    Children: $194

    This one night 24-seater-bus tour operates daily starting from your hotel of choice at 7:00am. You will return late the next evening.

    The tour will begin trekking into the lush Daintree National Park. Making a beeline for the Daintree river, you’ll begin the day on a Crocodile cruise. On this, you will learn about not just crocodiles, but a number of the rainforest’s creatures. After this, you’ll get dropped off in the dense bushland, where you can enjoy a walking tour to discover this natural wonderland. Then it’s off to the accommodation, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner (at your own expense). The accommodation is dormitory rooms but for an additional cost, you can enjoy your own private rooms/bathrooms. The afternoon can include optional extras such as jungle surfing or horse riding on the beach.

    Day two will enjoy multiple views from a range of lookout points as you slowly leave the lush greenery, and head back to reality.

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