Who owns the Daintree Rainforest?

Who owns the Daintree Rainforest?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/18/2021

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The Daintree Rainforest is the world’s oldest tropical lowland forest on Earth, having been continuously growing for an epic 135 million years!

Daintree Rainforest

It is a lush wonderland full of fun, adventure and Indigenous heritage that makes it one of the ultimate natural places to visit in Oz!

The Daintree’s traditional owners are the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people, who have lived in the forest’s region for thousands of years and hold a deeply spiritual connection to the land.

They provide unforgettable tours of the forest, where they teach eager tourists about their connection to the land, bush foods and different medicines stemming from its endless flora.

So, let’s take a closer look at the incredible Indigenous cultural tours that take place in the Daintree, as well as some of the other amazing adventures that await you in the Daintree Rainforest!

Walkabout Cultural Adventures

These highly rewarding tours are run by Eastern Kuku Yalanji members and provide an incredible snapshot of life in the forest and the peoples’ connection to the land. You will traverse the dense forest and across the beachfront, learning all about the group’s history in the region and their way of life.

This is the best way to immerse yourself in the forest and learn about its impressive natural expanse through the eyes of the people who have lived there for thousands of years!

Croc-spotting tours

The Daintree Rainforest is known as a hotspot for one of Australia’s most fearsome predators, the legendary saltwater crocodile. Saltwater crocs, or “salties”, lurk around the Daintree waterways, doing not much more than bathing and searching for a feed, which they have done there for millions of years!

A Daintree croc-spotting tour is the ultimate (and safest) way to see these prehistoric beasts without actually having to get close to them. The knowledgeable tour guide will not only point out these magnificent predators and teach you all about their lifestyles, but will also be on-point to show you the forest’s other impressive wildlife, including birds, mammals and all other kinds of scaly reptiles.

Explore Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation rightfully holds its place as one of Australia, and the world’s, most beautiful beaches. This sparkling tropical gem leads right out of the forest splendour, and is one of the most perfectly tranquil places to chill and relax after a day’s forest exploring!

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