Why You Should Visit Port Douglas?

Why You Should Visit Port Douglas?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/04/2019

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If you are wishing for a relaxing getaway in a tranquil tropical oasis, Port Douglas is for you.

Nestled in far north Queensland, the town is only an hour’s drive from the busy city of Cairns. Here you can soak up the sun, venture into the neighbouring natural wonders, or indulge yourself in the luxuries on offer. Here are our reasons why you shouldn’t rule Port Douglas out for your next Queensland adventure.

  • Easy access to the Reef

    If you are travelling to Queensland, most likely at the top of your bucket list is a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. Famous throughout the world, this world heritage site is the largest living thing in the entire world. With the biggest array of marine biodiversity on the planet. To really understand the true beauty of the reef, seeing it in person in mandatory. Cruising out on a boat and plunging in the deep sea to either snorkel, swim, or scuba dive will let you marvel at the underwater wonderland. Port Douglas is merely a 15-minute boat ride from the reef, otherwise, you can take the short drive to Cairns and set off from there!

  • Beaches aplenty

    Looking for a soothing trip to have your troubles melt away? Simply spend your days along the many beaches nearby, with at least one walking distance from all the hotels within. Four Mile Beach is the 6.5 kilometre (otherwise four miles) sandy shore bursting with lush palm trees and calm waters.

  • Daintree Rainforest

    A great advantage for Port Douglas visitors is their proximity to the natural wonders of Queensland. Daintree Rainforest is one of them, undoubtedly being one of the world’s most famous rainforests in existence. Dating back a whopping 180 million years ago, the rainforest spans out 1200 square kilometres. It is also the only area on the entire planet where two world heritage sites sit side by side, with the reef meets the rainforest the reef. With multiple tours starting and ending in Port Douglas, picking you up straight from your hotel with no fuss.

  • Cairns is your neighbour

    Enjoy having a day in the city centre? Seeing as Cairns is so close, you can enjoy both the hustle and bustle of Cairns while coming back to the quiet scenery of Port Douglas. With a bucket load of activities and attractions on offer, including shops, restaurants, bars, and a harbour cruise all up for grabs. Even if you don’t have a car during your trip, taking a bus to and from the city is easy.

  • Five-star restaurants and accommodation

    As Port Douglas is the smaller choice than sunny Cairns, they have to make up for with their serene restaurants and hotels. Port Douglas is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in all of Queensland. With beach views, luscious swimming pools, and private balconies overlooking the lush greenery. Due to the balmy climate of the area, restaurants are located in outdoor terraces, rooftop areas, all surrounded by a lush garden setting. The cuisines range in style, with Australian, European and Asian influences all blending into one. The area is perfect for a romantic trip with your partner, or even a relaxing vacation with your posse.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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