Cape Tribulation Beach, Queensland

Cape Tribulation Rd, Cape Tribulation, Queensland 4873

Cape Tribulation basks in the glow of the Daintree Rainforest, one of Australia’s most magnificent natural wonders.

Cape Tribulation Beach

This ancient collection of trees and native species proves to be a popular pit stop for travellers, while the Cape Tribulation Beach – just outside the rainforest – offers some respite from the green canopies.

From Cape Tribulation, you can hop on a boat ride to the Great Barrier Reef, which languishes just off the coast and offers plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, snorkelling, and seeing the incredible selection of marine life.

Further inland, visitors can enjoy a plethora of walking routes that take in the stunning coastline, bird-watch in the cover of the rainforest, and take on more adventurous activities like zip-lining.

Cape Tribulation Beach

Cape Tribulation Beach is the main beach in the area. Though there are several other smaller beaches boasting pristine sands and mesmerising sea views, Cape Tribulation Beach is perhaps the most popular.

Situated to the north of the cape, you can take a short walk to the lookout point. From there, you are exposed to breath-taking views of the turquoise ocean and out to the Great Barrier Reef beyond.

Walk north, and you can stop off at the Cape Tribulation Beach House, where you can tuck into delicious dishes and relax with a drink or two in the bar. For the ultimate paradise experience, dine right on the beach with the water lapping at your toes.

Cape Tribulation Beach is popular with tourists because it is removed from the southern end of the cape, where the carpark is, and where many people begin their journey. That means the crowds are usually thinner, and there is more chance to soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the region.

Things to Do at Cape Tribulation Beach

Cape Tribulation Beach, QLD

  • Take a Walk

    The beaches along Cape Tribulation are all spectacular in their own way. You can walk from Cape Tribulation Beach all the way north to Emmagen Beach, passing pretty coves and charming swathes of sand along the way. Be sure to check the tide times before you begin this walk.

  • Kayak

    For the more adventurous traveller, there is the chance to kayak around the coastline, getting to know little nooks and crannies that can’t be seen from the land. From Cape Tribulation Beach you can paddle your way around the shores, taking in the cape from a different perspective.

Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest really are a must-see if you’re in the area, and Cape Tribulation Beach is just the icing on the cake.

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