The Daintree River

Daintree, Queensland 4873

The Daintree River courses through the lush surrounds of the Daintree Rainforest, one of the oldest and most popular natural attractions in Australia.

Daintree River, QLD

It rises in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest near stunning Cape Tribulation, and is set in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics of Queensland.

The area and river boasts hundreds of years of history, but it remains an important destination for visitors in the present day, too.

Here, you can take cruises down the river, spotting the native flora and fauna as you go, wander along the banks and discover ancient trees and magical scenery, as well as learn more about the flow of the river and its many different tributaries and streams.

The Freshwater Streams of the Daintree River

Daintree River

Along its route, the Daintree River picks up, joins, and leaves numerous freshwater streams that pick their way through the lush surroundings of the Daintree Rainforest. Under the ancient canopies of thousand-year-old trees, these streams provide a sense of mystery and majestic charm to forest life.

In many, the shallow waters trickle over boulders and rocks, carving a path through the undergrowth and creating new streams and tracks towards the Coral Sea.

It’s in these spots that you can spot weird and wonderful freshwater marine life, including vibrant species of fish that flit backwards and forwards just beneath the surface of the water.

Some of these streams draw in keen fishermen from far and wide who are looking to catch quirky breeds of fish and just admire the peaceful scenery that surrounds the river.

If you’re in the Daintree Rainforest, the river and its accompanying freshwater streams are well worth a visit if you want to soak up the charm of the area.

The Geography of the River

Daintree River, QLD

The river itself begins in the ancient slopes of the Great Dividing Range in the Daintree National Park, just below Black Mountain, before cascading north and then east beneath the canopies of the rainforest.

Through the rainforest, the water is incredibly fresh and, at this point, an abundance of wildlife congregate, particularly unique and native species of fish.

After this, the river unites with two minor tributaries before continuing on through the Cairns Marine National Park, where it meanders through pretty mangrove swamps and finishes up in the Coral Sea just to the north of Wonga Beach.

Here, the mouth of the river expands out into a huge sandbar that moves with every tide.

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