Can you explore the Mossman Gorge on your own?

Can you explore the Mossman Gorge on your own?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/04/2021

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The Mossman Gorge is the incredibly luscious and vibrant gateway to the Daintree Rainforest. The gorge is rich in cultural heritage and natural wonder, with dense tropical forest and refreshing waterholes dotting the stunning landscape!

Mossman Gorge

You can most certainly explore the Mossman Gorge on your own, taking in the verdant splendour and abundant wildlife that make it so special, but we totally recommend experiencing the Mossman Gorge with a Dreamtime Walk provided by a member of the Kuku Yalanji people, the traditional owners of the land.

These amazing walks seek to educate visitors about the Kuku Yalanji’s deep connection to the forest and their way of life there: you will pass bark shelters, sacred sites, special places, learn about soap and ochre paint making practises as well as take part in a traditional smoking ceremony.

So, when we say you can explore the Mossman Gorge on your own, we really mean you should partake in one of these unforgettable tours that will grant you a rich understanding of life in the gorge since long before Europeans arrived!

The Mossman Gorge is a truly spectacular part of the Daintree, and an experience that will most certainly be enjoyed alongside these other wondrous activities…

Croc-spotting cruise

The Daintree has the awesome title of being the great grandpa of world rainforests: it’s the oldest in the world and a cheeky 10 million years older than the Amazon itself!

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the forest is home to the animal kingdom’s most ferocious stayer: the saltwater crocodile. Yes, the prehistoric salty feels right at home amongst the muddy banks and flowing waters of the Daintree, and you have the opportunity to spot these magnificent beasts from the safety of a croc-spotting tour!

Your knowledgeable guide will point out and teach you all about these wonderful animals, as well as pointing out some of the other myriad of species that call this ancient forest home.

Chill out at Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is the quintessential jungle beach: a sprawling, hazy paradise stemming right from inside the jungle. Once you have worn yourself out with all the hiking and excitement of your first two tours, it’s absolutely time to relax on one of the world’s most idyllic beaches and enjoy some of that tropical splendour that makes this part of the world so magical…


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