How many days do you need in Port Douglas?

How many days do you need in Port Douglas?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/13/2020

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A stone throws away from the bustling city of Cairns, Port Douglas is seen as the quiet little brother of the tropical region.

A perfect place to visit for a blissful time amidst the rainforest, beach, and small beach town charm.

About Port Douglas

Port Douglas’s style centre gives off Hampton-esque vibes, with a tropical twist of friendly charm, and outdoor fun. Many can opt to do a deluxe resort-style stay to spoil yourself with massages, delicious cuisines, and plenty of cocktails. Whereas others can immerse themselves in the laid-back atmosphere of the locals and hang out at the central shops and beachfront. The shady green palm trees line the beachfront, and the region is spotted with fancy restaurants and easy-going bars. Making for a romantic getaway with your partner or a fun adventure with your posse!

What you can do here

  • Four Mile Beach

    As you can probably assume by the name, this beach stretches four miles down Port Douglas’ coastline. Promising soft sands and refreshing waters for an epic beach adventure. Simply walk from your nearby hotel and set up on the sand for a day of interchanging sunbaking and swimming.

  • Cane Toad Racing

    For a truly unique activity in Port Douglas, head to the local pub and watch their nightly cane toad racing! Here the friendly cane toads will be introduced and lined up on the pub’s racing table. Visitors will be picked out of the crowd to be in charge of one of the toad racers, letting you hold these slimy creatures and cheer for their victory. Both locals and tourists get into this fun and exciting activity, with the loud cries and boos being heard all the way down the street!

  • Do a Day Tour

    Due to its close location to Cairns, it is a great gateway to both the lush rainforest of Daintree Rainforest and the exciting Great Barrier Reef. Making it a great base point to enjoy before heading out to multiple day tours! Many opt to spend a day out in the reef, snorkelling or scuba diving down to the colourful colour to see the tropical fish. Others want to trek through the thick greenery of the Daintree Rainforest, finishing up on the delightful Cape Tribulation Beach. For families looking for more, you can even choose to take the cableway of Cairns up to the local town of Kuranda to see the epic views of the mountaintop!

How Long should you stay in Port Douglas for?

This all depends on you! Many choose to stay just for a quick day visit before heading back to Cairns, where others opt to spend a couple of weeks enjoying the beach, the resort, and the relaxing atmosphere. No matter your choice, we guarantee this tropical paradise will leave you satisfied!

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