Swimming Holes of the Daintree Rainforest

Swimming Holes of the Daintree Rainforest

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/31/2017

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The Daintree Rainforest is over 180 million years old that provides a lush rainforest scenery and a whole lot of history.

Daintree Rainforest
The Daintree has ancient plants that are as old as the dinosaurs and some incredibly rare animals that are found nowhere else in the world.

With the selection of animals and ancient plants, the Daintree is one of Queensland’s most popular travel destinations. There are many tours and travellers lacing up their walking shoes to head off into the unknown greenery.

However, these aren’t the only attractions within the Daintree. The rainforest provides some refreshing spots that are perfect for cooling off after a hard day’s hiking and exploring in the heat. Read on to discover some of the best swimming spots in the Daintree.

• Mossman Gorge

Set in the surroundings of the Daintree Rainforest near Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge is a beautiful natural wonder. The crystal-clear waters are inviting and the perfect place to cool off. Plus, it is one of the region’s best freshwater swimming spots!

If you’re feeling adventurous, bring along some snorkelling equipment to discover what lies beneath the surface of the water.

Mossman Gorge is open year-round and is a popular swimming spot no matter the weather. Due to its popularity, it’s best to get there early in the morning to beat the crowds!

• Cassowary Falls

Cassowary Falls

Cassowary Falls is near the Daintree Village and a 25-minute drive from the city centre of Cairns. The falls is nestled in an isolated spot with lush greenery and an opportunity to spot wildlife.

The area provides a unique experience for keen swimmers, with deep, cooling waters and untouched scenery. The water hole is surrounded by large rocks, perfect to sun bake and jump into the water from.

There are walking treks sprinkling the area and is well worth doing either before or after your swimming adventure.

• Spring Creek Falls

Situated at the end of a narrow valley, Spring Creek Falls is a hidden spot. You’ll want to cool off in the water after a hike along the 1.5km track that weaves through the surrounding scenery. This route is recommended for experienced bush walkers, as there are some boulders to climb over, which can be dangerous when slippery.

Before you get to the rock pools that sit below the falls, look for the exceptional array of flora and fauna that surrounds the area so beautiful.

• Cape Tribulation/Mason’s Swimming Hole

Mason's Swimming Hole

Cape Tribulation marks the spot where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. The area is filled with stunning scenery, including pristine sands, and mesmerising blue waters.
Though you can’t swim at Cape Tribulation Beach due to crocs, Mason’s Swimming Hole is the perfect cooling off spot.

Nestled within Cape Trib is the fabulous crystal-clear waters. Here you can plunge into the deep waters and cool hot from the summer heat.

What’s great about these swimming spots is the vast collection of tropical fish and even turtles within the waters. Make sure you grab a coffee and a bite to eat at Mason’s Café!

• Emmagen Creek

If you are looking for a walk and a swim, Emmagen Creek is for you! Nestled about 5 kilometres north of Cape Tribulation within the Daintree Rainforest.

To reach the creek you will have to walk through the rainforest for a bit, but it is well worth the trek. The waterhole is a quiet paradise, littered with smooth rocks and clear blue waters. You can spend hours here swimming, floating, sunbaking, and reading the day away!

Swimming spots nearby

If you’re on the lookout for more swimming holes, we’ve got a couple more for you! Venture out a little further and discover some more swimming holes close to the Daintree Rainforest.

• Port Douglas

Port Douglas

If you’ve had enough of the Daintree Rainforest and looking for more swimming spots a little closer to your hotel, look no further. Port Douglas is bursting with watering holes and sun-drenched beaches!

You can sunbake on the golden sands and have a swim at Port Douglas Beach and Four Mile Beach. Four Mile Beach has silky soft sand and has a line of palm trees, keeping parts of the beach shady.

• Stoney Creek

Just a 15-minute drive from the inner city of Cairns, Stoney Creek blends together the lush wildlife with the swimming waters.

There are many swimming spots to choose from at Stoney Creek. If one section is filled up with people, just walk a little further down until you find a free spot! Bring along proper shoes as the walk from the car park is about half an hour.

Natural swimming holes are the perfect little spots to refresh and cool off in after exploring. Which one do you plan to visit on your trip to the Daintree?

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