What’s the difference between our Daintree Rainforest tours?

What’s the difference between our Daintree Rainforest tours?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/28/2020

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We offer four different Daintree Rainforest tours and with so many choices it can be hard to choose which one is best for you.

This guide will help you to straighten a few things out in your head and help you choose the right Daintree tour for your Tropical Queensland trip!

  • 1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tour with Port Douglas

    This tour is perfect for those looking to get a taste of the beach and the rainforest in a single day. It’s a long one, running for approximately 12 hours, but there’s a lot to squeeze in! Ease into your day with a photo stop before heading into Port Douglas. An early swim and morning tea will energise you for the day as you head onto a wildlife cruise through the Daintree.

    Afterwards, a short walk takes you up to the picturesque Alexandra Lookout. Following a refuelling lunch, you’ll explore deeper into the jungle, learning all about its ecosystem and history. Heading back towards Cairns you’ll stop at a few final lookouts to get some final pictures before you’re returned to the city.

    This tour is a great choice if you’re looking for bang for your buck!

  • 1 Day Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tour with Mossman Gorge

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    This is one of Tropical Queensland’s most popular tours and for good reason. After boarding the bus, we make a beeline for the Daintree National Park. First up is a crocodile cruise, guided by a local biologist you’ll learn all about the animals in this region. Afterwards, you’ll head into the rainforest for a guided walk. You’ll learn all about the beautiful plant life and history of the area.

    Next, enjoy a picnic lunch at Cape Tribulation. Explore the beautiful beach before heading up to the top of Alexandra Range for some amazing views. Finally, it’s off to explore Mossman Gorge. Explore the visitor centre or cool down with a swim in the river.

    This tour is fantastic for families looking to explore Tropical Queensland.

  • 2 Day Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour

    Explore Cape Tribulation and Daintree without the rush on this two-day tour. From dense rainforest to pristine beach, this tour shows you all the best of Tropical Queensland.

    First, enjoy a swim at Port Douglas on the incredible 4-mile beach. After drying off, you’ll head into the Daintree where you’ll explore the rainforest. After an afternoon of free time, you’ll go on a guided night walk to see the creatures of the night.

    Start the day right with a sleep in and morning activity of your choice. Then, head onto a crocodile spotting cruise through the rainforest. Afterwards, enjoy the sights of Mossman Gorge. Go for a nice swim or try and spot some tropical wildlife. Finish your trip with a stop at the Rex Range lookout before returning to Cairns to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  • Cape Tribulation & Daintree Overnight Tour

    This trip is ideal for the whole family. You’ll visit all the iconic areas of Daintree on this fabulous overnight tour.

    Across two days you’ll explore the Daintree rainforest and Cape Tribulation, taking the time to enjoy each of your stops. You’ll get to enjoy an amazing river cruise through the rainforest and head deep into the rainforest, looking out for incredibly native animals.

    You’ll spend the night in Cape Tribulation, with free time to explore at your own pace in the afternoon and evening. Book in for an optional upgrade and enjoy an evening activity. The next day, we’ll take you out to Mossman Gorge where e you can explore the visitor centre, or maybe go for a swim.

    The free time available in this tour makes it super customisable for your family. There are several accommodation types to choose from, and though meals aren’t included, this does mean you can choose to eat wherever you like!

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