Why You Should Visit Rex Lookout

Why You Should Visit Rex Lookout

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/06/2018

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Set between Cairns and Port Douglas, Rex Lookout promises breathtaking views across the ocean and Trinity Bay that languishes below.

Rex Lookout is the perfect place to stop for a photo opportunity while driving around the area. For beach lovers, the spectacular panorama across the surrounding scenery is definitely worth breaking up your journey for.

Today, hang gliders flock to the area, using the high vantage point to jump off from. However, it’s also a popular meeting place for weekend travellers. People looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life flock for some fresh beach air. Complete with a stunning coastline, impossibly blue water, and a mountainous backdrop, it really is a sight to behold.

If you stay for long enough, you might catch a hang glider or two launching from the lookout and making their way slowly down to the beach below.

Where to Find Rex Lookout

You can find the lookout just moments outside the charming town of Wangetti on the Captain Cook Highway. Below, Trinity Bay unfolds below, sweeping out into the Great Barrier Reef. The incredible natural wonders and popular World Heritage Site is a must see for all travellers.

The lookout is a great place to stop off and rest if you’re on a longer road trip, or, if you just want to take in some of the mesmerising views that characterise this part of Australia, you can do that too.

How Rex Lookout Got Its Name

The lookout got its name from Raymond Rex, a past Councillor of Douglas Shire. He remained the chairman there for almost 50 years and was well-respected amongst his community. His main accomplishment was getting the Captain Cook Highway completed between Cairns and Port Douglas during the Depression. The road allowed people to travel easily between the two hotspots. On top of that, he established water and power supplies in Rex Creek. Thanks to him the area was able to put itself on the map and provide essential access needs for the community.

Be sure to find the plaque dedicated to him when visiting. There you can learn all about how he made Rex Lookout and its surroundings the place it is today.

Stopping off at Rex Lookout gives you the chance to soak up jaw-dropping views of the Great Barrier Reef and beyond. Take in some of the fascinating history that imbues this part of Australia. It’s well worth stopping off at if you’re passing through.

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