Why you should visit to the Mossman Gorge Centre

Why you should visit to the Mossman Gorge Centre

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/28/2019

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The Mossman Gorge Centre is an eco-tourism development designed to serve visitors to the world heritage area. The Centre provides cultural tours and is the perfect stop for anyone looking for an authentic engagement with the region’s Indigenous culture.

The Centre homes a variety of services to assist you in having the best possible experience while visiting Far North Queensland. Friendly staff will help you plan your route and can book you in for a Dreamtime Walk with a member of the local Kuku Yalanji people.

  • The Art Gallery

    Wander through the beautiful art gallery that showcases the arts and crafts of local Kuku Yalanji artists. The gallery works with local artists to ensure that only the highest quality of authentic work is displayed. Artists explore the use of modern mediums to share traditional art. Artists use their knowledge of traditional law and culture to create vibrant pieces in paint, fabric, wood, and paper.

  • Retail store

    The centre also has a beautiful retail store for you to purchase a keepsake at. There is something to suit all budgets, including gifts designed and produced by the local Indigenous community. Form postcards to paintings the retail store is the perfect place to end your trip.

  • Mayi Café

    The final piece of the Mossman Gorge Centre puzzle is the Mayi Café. The specially designed menu features tastes of the rainforest using predominantly local produce. They enhance and infuse their menu with Indigenous bush ingredients. They serve everything from light snacks and beverages to delicious full meals to satisfy your hunger craving.

  • Dreamtime Walk

    The Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks, conducted by local Indigenous staff are a must-do for anyone visiting the Mossman Gorge area. Ngadiku means stories and legends from a long time ago in the local Kuku Yalanji language. The walks take visitors past special places and culturally significant sites and through private parts of the forest. You are welcomed with a smoking ceremony to ward off bad spirits before journeying through the stunning rainforest. Guides will point out bush food and medicine, demonstrate traditional plant use and educate you about the special relationship they hold with this unique environment. You’ll finish your journey with damper and bush tea.

  • The Mossman Gorge Training Centre

    The Mossman Gorge Centre proudly has a workforce with approximately 90% Indigenous employment. Each year they provide 6 traineeships for community members as an entry into the workforce. They provide a career pathway for students leaving high school and for community members who need support or training to achieve their employment goals. In addition to this, the Mossman Gorge Training Centre provides 30 Indigenous students with working experience in tourism. By providing these traineeships the Mossman Gorge is providing opportunities to Indigenous youths to grow their skills and secure stable employment.

A visit to the Mossman Gorge Centre is a fantastic way to gain a better understanding of the Indigenous heritage of the area, as well as support the local Indigenous community.

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