Salt Water Crocodile – Found in the Daintree River

Located northwest of Cairns, the Daintree region has become a big tourist attraction on its own. With a dense forest full of native plants, wildlife, and beautiful surroundings, the Daintree is a tropical region tourists are chomping at the bit to visit. Of all of the exciting and unique residents in the Daintree River, none of them compare the big bad boy itself, the Salt Water Crocodile.

Found mainly in the mangrove swamps, the Salt Water Crocodile is one not to mess with. A male can be measured as long as 6.7 metres and weigh in at over 500 kg! While they are busy being humongous, the female Salt Water Crocodile is much smaller. Measuring only 3 metres in length and weighing in at 150 kg, the lady of the swamp is petite compared to her male version.

These crocs are very territorial and will munch on anything that may be a threat to them and their area. This includes fish, mammals, other reptiles, and the occasional human. Yes human! Think of the Salt Water Croc as the ’T-Rex’ of the Daintree-the biggest and baddest of them all.

Their size is impressive in all aspects of their body. They have the largest heads, teeth, and mouth of all species of crocodiles. Their actual bodies are much wider as well, making it easy to decipher between others. To no surprise, they are the largest reptile in the entire world. Young Salt Water Crocodiles are a yellow hue, with black spots and stripes. They do not change colour until they are older, and transform from yellow to dark green.

Surprisingly, the crocodiles are pretty lazy. They bask in the sun, swim, and lie around for majority of the day. They prefer to do their hunting at night, where they cannot be seen in the water. It makes for an easier prey, and the crocodiles find it much easier for a surprise attack.

These crocodiles were once believed by the Aboriginal culture to be full of bad spirits, therefore banished to the salt water streams in Australia. Because of their size, predator lifestyle and history of attacks, Salt Water Crocodiles are left alone for the most part. They are not at risk of extinction, but are killed for their hide. Their skin is the most expensive hide of all crocodiles. These crocodiles continue to amaze researchers and others who have the chance to see these giant, beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. With conservation efforts at hand, these Salt Water Crocodiles are protected from those who want to disturb them.

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